Workshops/Festivals 2012

Workshops/Festivals 2012: (IT) Urbino Early Music 2012 XLIV International Early Music Courses (20-29 jul 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Mar 15, 2012

“FIMA - Italian Foundation for Early Music - formerly known as SIFD (Italian Recorder Society, founded in 1971 by Giancarlo Rostirolla) - is a non-profit organization based in Rome. FIMA runs every year in Urbino an International Course of Early Music, an Early Music Festival and a Trade Exhibition for instruments makers.

This year, the early music covers the following courses by a large and exceptional group of faculty members:

  • Medieval and Renaissance Music
  • Singing
  • Tastiere
  • Plucked Instruments
  • Strings
  • Wind Instruments
  • Dances
  • Chamber Music
  • Activities 

Visit the FIMA website for more information of the summer course programme as well as for availability of courses.