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News 2012: (IT) Studying in Venice at the Vittore Branca Center

Contributed by Admin on Oct 06, 2012

(From a recent Fondazione Giorgio Cini email)

“The Vittore Branca International Center for the Study of Italian Culture is is a new international resource for humanities studies open - with no age limits - to scholars, writers and artists interested in pursuing a research project focused on Italian (especially Venetian) culture, with an interdisciplinary approach, in one of the following disciplines: visual arts, history, literature, music, drama….

Thanks to a new campus located in the heart of the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore park, scholars can freely choose a research period, according to their specific needs, to live in Venice and work in the Giorgio Cini Foundation libraries.
Co-financing available.

Click here to send an admission request for residency at the Vittore Branca Center” Also visit the Fondazione Giorgio Cini webpages for more information.